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IMAGE PEOPLE is a full service media production company that builds dynamic brand and marketing vehicles for its clients.

We believe an organization needs  something more substantial than ‘vision’, something deeper than ‘brand’…  It needs a core purpose!

At IMAGE PEOPLE, we challenge the thinking behind our projects; operate as trusted agents to create application and integration, that defines, inspires and transforms.

We place your visions on a new marketing platform by offering unique turn key strategic solutions with the latest applications in media production and proprietary entertainment technologies.

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01. Research

To achieve long lasting customer loyalty and to attract new clients, your company has to differ itself from the rest.  We must fascinate the consumer to get into his mind to discover his special desires.  Memorable quality is achieved by having the right approach, at the right time, in the right place, to the right person.

IMAGE PEOPLE takes the time to develop an in depth understanding of you and the current market to develop this approach.

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02. Design

Once we have thoroughly researched you and your clients, we design the appropriate media production solution for you.

This includes pre-production materials for scripted interviews, shooting strategies for live events, wire-frames for dynamic websites, and visual thought boards for for your brand’s graphic designs such as logos, brochures, and other presentation materials.

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03. Produce

We put our research and design ideas into action to produce your media presentations using the latest technologies in video production, web design, and graphics to give you a polished product that stays in the mind of your clients.

In addition, our social media marketing strategies ensure that your image will be disseminated on multiple media channels to reach broad audiences across various platforms.

Key Players

Shawn Barrett

CEO - Creative Director

Monica Surrena

Partner / Producer

Steve Lenchner

Vice President of Production

Alexis Jackson

Editor / VFX

Christina Rodriquez

Graphic Designer

Peter Darmi

Head of Post Production

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